Media: interaktiv Preference choreography manusskift and interior design 
Duration: 22-03
Year: 2018
Venue: Magasin 1, FS, stockholm 

I wanted to research Swedish culture. The waiting room is an epriment of human behavior.

Experiment with the law-abiding Swedish way of being. The passion of queue system, equality, freedom and free education. 

I used the waiting environment because its familiar for most people and have unwritten rules that people know about,  you know how to relate to it. In this installation, the participants lose their own will and hand it over entirely to their own psychological trials.

The installation makes you question the entire system and questioning its structure. People sitting in the waiting room for hours without knowing what there waiting for.  Visitors who came in group were divided and exposed to loneliness and intimacy from strangers in the waiting room. Based on you psychological connection theory you where challenged in the connecting rooms where the other preformance took place.